What is Link Building?

What is Link Building?

What is link building exactly?  it’s the process of going out of your way to find great links.

Link building isn’t just the aforementioned process of acquiring backlinks that point to your site: it’s also a proven marketing tactic that increases brand awareness and conversions. Link building can help you to build relationships that can serve to benefit you in other endeavours as well.


So why should you build links today? You should do it for the same reason you should have built links last year. And the year before. And every year since Google dominated the search market.

You should build links because links are still one of the most important ranking signals in Google’s algorithm, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Danny Sullivan: Is link building just dead? You keep saying a new tactic is dead, or must be nofollowed, is it really you just don’t want people to try to build links at all?

Cutts: No, link building is not dead. And a very small percentage of links on the web are nofollowed. There’s a lot of mileage left in links.
Even though it seemed Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Land, was trying to bait him into saying link building possessed little value, Cutts rebuffed that idea.

It’s not just about increasing search visibility and brand exposure, however. Link building can help drive other marketing strategies. There’s a lot of talk about content marketing being “the new link building.” I believe this to be a falsehood.

Link building is a crucial component to a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

Link Building Past

Off- page link building has existed for a long time. Eric Ward, who is known for his superb link building, helped Amazon.com create a link building strategy all the way back in 1994. Four years before Google even existed.

Link building hasn’t always been the prettiest profession. In previous years, there was a links arms race. Everyone knew that links were heavily weighted in Google’s algorithm, and everyone also knew that Google’s algorithm wasn’t sophisticated enough to properly detect improper linking. This led to the creation of some famed black hat tactics, tactics that created horrible user experiences and manipulated search results.

Link building is no longer just submitting poorly written content to dozens of link farms that no one ever sees outside of a web crawler. Link building is no longer hiding keyword rich anchor text underneath an infographic. Google keeps getting smarter and they keep fine-tuning their algorithm to stave off attempts at manipulation.

Link builders are adapting to a new SEO frontier where building sensible and relevant links isn’t merely a suggestion: it’s a requirement in order to stay competitive. A backlink profile filled to the brim with unnatural backlinks will no longer increase your visibility in search. It’s more likely to prompt a penalty.

In order to get links, it’s increasingly essential to clarify why you’re worth linking to. This means that link building is slowly turning into another method of promotion.

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