The Key To Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Click On Digital is a Manchester SEO and digital marketing agency with many years of experience in search engine optimisation.
Our Manchester SEO services are not only in Manchester, we cover all of the UK and a few other countries.

SEO helps you generate revenue and grow online.

We only deliver the best SEO strategies to help you rank and attract the right audiences. Using our experts’ technical skills, a range of high quality, SEO-friendly content aim to keep you on top of those search engine results by doing much more than just stuffing keywords on a page.

Our search engine consultants have brought superior web traffic and increasing revenue for our client’s websites.

Whether it’s improving rankings through link building, working on your global SEO strategy, producing engaging content, keyword research, working on local SEO strategies, running our site audits, our experienced Team members know how to rank your businesses well in many different industries.

On Page SEO

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Ranking

Performance Metrics

Engaging in fruitful partnerships for a successful outcome

Now that Voice search is becoming more popular due to devices like Alexa and Siri which point towards voice search being the future of SEO. Picking the keyword strategy and content will help with this.

Now that Google has rolled out the mobile first update. it is important to have a mobile friendly website 

By targeting  the correct  audience through our mobile SEO strategy. you will see a higher success rate 

eCommerce websites can have anywhere from a hundred to thousands of pages of products.

This can be quite a challenging for online stores. This is why our SEO experts help put together the perfect strategy, which will outline all the pages that need attention.


If you are trying to target the international market we can incorporate international SEO methods such as hreflang and other techniques which will help you get found.


Want to target customers locally, our local SEO strategy will help your rank and get found on Google maps and the city you want to rank for, we go the extra mile and create all of your citations and map listings.

launching a new website or redesigning your old one will need a proper SEO plan. Many people when migrating a old site to a new one lose half or all of their traffic. That is why our experts are here to help you through the process.

Our Manchester SEO agency focuses on these Core Areas

Our SEO services include the right tools and methods which will help your company stay ahead of competition and boost your rankings.

Quality Content

You just can’t create any piece of content and hope for it to rank. At our agency we carry out in depth research and look at market trends so we can create compelling content which will help you rank and attract visitors 

Visitor Growth

One of SEO main focus is to increase the number of visitors coming to your site, It is always important to find quality traffic which will benefit your website.

Google Analytics

We always make sure the website has tracking on. The reason for this is to analyse the data which can lead to making the right decisions. 

Innovative Strategies

Each client has tailored made strategy which is there to purely help there company grow online and stay ahead of competitors.

Link Building

This is a vital part of SEO which is also known as off page SEO, it is important to get quality back links. which will help your company increase ranking and also will not get penalised by search engines.

Keyword Research

The most important part of SEO is picking the right keywords, Our agency carries out competitor analysis and our own to help you find the best keywords which will drive growth to your online business.

Want a Free SEO Quote?

  • Identify website errors
  • want to find out why you are behind competitors 
  • Reasons why your website is not seeing any growth 

What our SEO audits include

Content – how many pages are indexed, length and quality or any duplicate content 
Keyword Reach – is the website using the right keywords and what are they ranking for
Page Speed – Looking at Google PageSpeed Insights and other tools to see which improvements are needed to speed up the site 
Local SEO – are citations using the right data, any duplicates and quality of NAP
Backlinks – link building audit, are there any spammy or toxic links
Metadata – do all pages have unique titles, descriptions? Are they using the right keywords 
Mobile – how is the site rendering on mobile devices?
Google Search Console and Google Analytics – are there any issues with manual actions, sitemaps, security problems?
Technical – are pages compressed, or CSS, JavaScript files minified? Are there any 404 errors, Robot.txt file set up correctly 
Competitor analysis – what your competition is doing and what your website can follow